Adoptionsantrag Abgeschlossen: HelloPro Wiki

Ich beantrage die Adoption des ?????-Wikias aus folgenden Gründen:

I'm already an admin at several of this wiki's interlanguage equivalents. Several months ago I asked to adopt the French one, but as I don't really speak French it was decided to make me an admin instead of a full bureaucrat. The situation is similar here at the German site. I don't speak German but thanks to some help from a bilingual speaker am working toward some big content additions, so it would be good to be able to have better abilities like page deletion or ability to change site design. Only one other non-bot has made some edits in the past year, and is cool with me becoming admin. The last remaining admin gave me her blessing, too. The founder (and only bureaucrat) seems long gone from Wikia. As for me, I've currently got 96 edits spread out over the last 10 months.

--JoshuaJSlone (Diskussion) 19:36, 19. Mai 2015 (UTC)

Hi there. I had asked RasberryBlossom to just give you the rights, but didn't notice that she is just admin and not bureaucrat and can't do that. I am giving you the admin rights and close this adoption request. Thanks! ForestFairy @fandom (Hilfe Forum | Blog) 21:44, 19. Mai 2015 (UTC)

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