Adoptionsantrag Abgeschlossen: Skip Beat! Wiki

Ich beantrage die Adoption des Skip Beat! Wiki-Wikis aus folgenden Gründen: I'm an administrator over on the Skip Beat! English Wiki, I'm not fluent in German and I use Google Translate to understand it. I want administrator/bureaucrat rights on the de.skip-beat wiki because I want to customize other .css and .js stuff that I cannot do as a normal user. So far, I've updated the main page and I'm creating more articles.

-- Queennicolee Talk QueenNicole_zpscc45450c.png 04:09, 11. Mai 2014 (UTC)

Hi Queennicolee,
usually we only accept adoption requests by German speaking users and we do not encourage the usage of Google Translate for translations of wiki content. Maybe the Wikia Language Brigade can help you? Concerning customizing CSS and JS instead of adopting the wiki I suggest you to set up the codes on your private page within the wiki (see w:c:community:Help:JavaScript_and_CSS_Cheatsheet for further info) and contact me in the wiki. I can help you to set up the MediaWiki pages once the code suits you.
If you still want to adopt the wiki after considering these points, feel free to stop by again :)
Micha @fandom (Nachrichtenseite) 17:05, 21. Mai 2014 (UTC)

Hi Queenicolee, I am closing this request for now, since Micha (ElBosso) already talked to you about the conditions to be fulfilled and the action you should take for now. You are welcome to open the adoption request again in the future :) Please post to my wall, if you should have questions.

ForestFairy@fandom (help forum | blog) 20:24, 4. Jun. 2014 (UTC)

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