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Magic is so f***ing expensive

Hey, i´m a 16 year old pupil and i´ve been playing magic for years. Since a month i wanted to play at tournaments, where i always came to the top 5. Now i´ve been printing just a few cards out, for my deck, becouse i wanted to try, how strong i can make it, if i would buy these cards. And the result was, that i´ve made some fungames with the winners of the tournaments and powned them. So i just went to a magic shop and asked for these few cards (2plainswalker,4paradis birds and 4titans). And then he told me, they would cost, like one and a half hundred euros. And thats just stupid, only becouse i´m a studend, who can´t invest that mutch money in cards, these nerds, who just copy a pro decks and buy it for some hundred euros win the tournaments. I just think it´s stupid that rich poeple, or guys who have no other hobbys just can buy good cards and win, also if they don´t even create own decks and just copy.

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